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Tips for being good in the room...

Nothing succeeds like success.

Networking is everyone's opportunity to practice being good in the room, to be someone who people remember as wanting to work with someday. Please come to the event as your most upbeat self.

Be ready to tell a brief positive story about yourself, where something you did in the industry turned out better than you expected. Maybe you nailed an presentation, got a meeting, anything. Present yourself as a winner, as someone who is thankful for his or her successes no matter what size.

Work the room. Meet as many people as you can without rushing. Let people know what you aspire to do, that maybe they can help with. Ask every person how you can help them. If you can't help, try to suggest someone who can. Offer your connections, not your advice.

Say the other person's name at least three times in conversation. It shows you're a people-person. Others will be silently grateful that you helped them to remember names.

Say your name at least three times per conversation. Make it easy to remember you.

To prompt others to talk about themselves, ask how they got started in the business.

When you leave, it's polite to say goodbye and to thank your host.

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